Field Photoshoot (part 1 of 2) // Lake Pickett

Photography has been one of my favorite things since I first was given an SLR. But time, stress, and the craziness of being a full-time college student with a job have put a wedge between me and it.

With one semester left of my undergrad, I'm determined to rekindle my relationship with photography. That's why this blog is here. I hope it serves as my way to share, well, me.

About the shoot:

I recently was reminded by a dear friend that we were suppose to do a shoot two years ago in a field, complete with suspenders and plaid. With finals fast approaching, I thought "Why not?" and began to plan everything. I got together with my very fashion-forward friend, Zac*, and asked him to style the guys (and be a model!). I knew this really awesome field by my house in Orlando, FL (a field in the middle of Orlando? I know it's hard to believe) and decided on a "fall" theme. I styled the girls, did hair and makeup, and may have forced my opinion a little too much when Zac was styling the guys... (sorry bud!). Once my "models", a.k.a some of my best friends, were all dressed for chilly fall, we were off. I have to mention that it was 80 degrees in Orlando that day... I still can't believe they put up with me enough to wear knitted scarves and jackets just to make me happy. Did I mention they are amazing?

Well, I knew that my friends were beautiful, but I didn't realize that the camera would LOVE them so much. Seriously, they are beautiful people, inside and out. Take a second to gaze at them: